Ken Livingstone

While certain Venezuelan polls put Chavez below the opposition, others in London put his Dhaka first mayor being surpassed by the conservatives. Not only Chavez has as allies to the Presidents of Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia, but also to Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London (a city richer than the sum of all those Nations). If Ken is a staunch defender of the Bolivarian revolution, Chavez is the great benefactor that guarantees subsidized bus tickets to the poorest Londoners. Tory Boris Johnson candidate 1st will seek to end the reign of Red Ken and account in his favour with the discredit of the labour. Ken, however, is the only leader that London has known since 1981y is popular by increase in bicycles and public transport, have alleviated congestion and urban pollution and for having made that his city is the headquarters of the 2,012 Olympics.