Jean Piaget One

(FONSECA, 1995, p.12) the author presents the child with a complete being, where affectivity, intelligence and motricidade meet linked total. Jean Piaget One another author who contributed for the advance of the studies of the psicomotricidade is Jean Piaget that studied the formation and the evolution of the intelligence of the child. When observing the Piaget children perceived that he is by means of the movements that if she develops intelligence, being motricidade the first form of communication, preceding the verbal language. The theory of Piaget possesss important concepts, that they show as the individual in elapsing of its development goes if adaptando to the way in which it meets inserted. In accordance with It would make (1997), we detach the concepts of project, assimilation, room and equilibrao. The contact that the child establishes with the environment, in such a way makes possible the discovery of its body and objects to its redor, creating, sequences of action or movements that form a totality that can be generalized in similar situations, the projects. The child who dominates the project to suck can suck chupeta, the seio, the toy etc.

The project corresponds when knowing to suck, independe of the sucked object. However, with the biological maturation and the stimulatons of the way the child removes the necessary information to its development, she assimilates and them. The assimilation is the incorporation of objects or the events to the existing projects. It is possible, favours experience and the experiences that the child acquired in contact with way. When the existing projects are modified aiming at to take care of the new requirements of the environment, occur what Piaget calls of room.