Federal Prescription

As then such hermeneutics will be fulfilled viscerally how much to the financing of the Political parties and electoral campaigns? Sufficiency to the deep partisan for the financing of the Parties immediately fits then to the prescribed National Congress that hermeneutics giving Politicians, therefore also of the electoral campaigns? What it is subordination the foreign governments? They will be the ONGs and foreign companies duly forbidden to finance candidacies? E, for extension, the companies of total national capital? The TSE has structure enough to effect such control? The Secretariat of the Federal Prescription has fulfilled its functions effectively institucional? the Public prosecution service of the Union and the States? the civil society?

How is the national sovereignty face to an financier-electoral carnival? face to the international media? However to persist inconstitucionalmente the usual financier-electoral carnival it has whenever to think the decisions previously and to always establish also a comparative study of costs for choice of better project.