Federal Constitution

The next legislative incorporation was in the 1988 constitution. The Federal Constitution incorporated the environment as a basic right and started to develop the principles that would go to support this new area of the Right, the Ambiental4 Right. In agreement comFARIAS (2006) the ambient principles has four related functions its applications: ' ' ) they are the principles that allow to understand the autonomy of the Enviromental law in face of the other branches of the Right; b) is the principles that assist in the agreement and in identification of the existing unit and coherence between all the rules of law that compose the ambient legislative system; c) it is of the principles that if extract the basic lines of direction that allow to understand the form by which the protection of the environment is seen in the society; d) e, finally, is the principles that serve of basic and inafastvel criterion for accurate intelligence and interpretation of all the norms that they compose the ambient legal system, indispensable condition for the good application of the Right in this rea.' ' Being thus, each situation it sends to a principle that is used with base so that if it can decide in the best possible way the ambient impasse. Amazon spoke with conviction. Entering more I sink in the three basic principles, the beginning of the prevention says that in case of risk of serious or irreversible damages to the environment, exactly without certainty scientific, any measure to be taken must prezar for the prevention on the contrary of the degradation of the environment. The beginning of the cooperation it speaks that the diverse states must be joined in a communitarian and solidary action in favor of the environment, what implies where each state must abdicate of its power and sovereignty in order to fight the effect devastadores of the environment. .