Diagnostic Educational Evaluation

There Of dnde the traverse of joins evaluacin disgnostic, podrs to see itself los estudiantes tienen los necesarios conocimientos prerequirements y to use methodology defined for el Proyecto Pedagogical Politician. Word clave: Drama. It discusses inaugural. Disgnostic Evaluacin. Prctica there educative. 1 Introduction All beginning of course in such a way involves great expectations for pupils as for the proper professors. By means of the scientific knowledge on the conjugated one of existing and integrated evaluations between itself, it is of extreme importance and great relevance that if the course with a disgnostic evaluation initiates.

The evaluation disgnostic has as definition according to UNIVERSITY 2005, p.1: She is that one carried through at the beginning of a course, period of learning period or unit of education, with the intention to evidence if the prerequisite pupils present or not it domain of the necessary ones, that is, if they possess the essential knowledge and abilities for the new learnings. Therefore the purpose of this work is to present a different method of the habitual one, but inside of the perspectives of a disgnostic evaluation, where the proper pupils would have the chance of choice from three hypotheses, used through the instrument of dramatizao for the professor, the pedagogical methodology to be used by the Escola.Seria a form to construct and to cultivate since the beginning of the course the importance of the joint and democratic construction of knowledge and an open space of dialogue between professor and pupil. Where the inaugural lesson through the technique of dramatizao of the three hypotheses, appears as object of this study. How much the manifestations in the practical pertaining to school, through the theories of Libneo, 1990, p.34, we have that when considering new models of education directed toward the interaction contents – social realities, reach or we advance in terms of a joint of the politician and the pedagogical one, in the transformations of the relations of production of the knowledge.