Chilean Paradise

The colonization of all the so-called formerly third world and today is called world on development occurs on the basis of the massacres and human exploitation and material. All Nations in America they have the same origin. The commemoration of the bicentennial signifies your acceptance of the story. History does not consist at least for which writes in the development or development of the best of worlds possible in the manner of Santo Tomas. It is a process that unfolds beyond but that seems to manifest itself in those great figures, positive and negative, that dazzle the look and the brief concentration of crowds and around which it is easier to tell the story. The character say dialectical or plurilectico of historical processes prevents that utopia was realised. Non-acceptance of the facts lies the religious nostalgia for the expulsion from eden, the myth of the lost paradise, not always recognized mythical formulations that prevent progressive sectors the development of a realistic political strategy.

Of this pristine before continent of the wig and the jacket, as it said Neruda, has sprouted gradually another perhaps paradise reality, very to future, or perhaps infernal, but we want to believe that more like is a purgatory that encloses elements to develop, not unattainable paradise of contemporary religious and political myths, but a cielito lindo to the fingertips. The country exists, has two hundred years, go to where you go depends on and at least partly discounting partly cultural, political and economic dependence has always depended on us. The left had a chance the last century and we have perhaps contributed to wasting it, albeit nicer believing that we were total victims of the dark forces of the cosmos. Maybe we have another chance in the future, which will depend on how we can sell our ointment to Chilean compatriots. Finally, and putting us well ombliguistas, if it had not been conquered or colony who writes these lines do not exist, so is that somehow I am taking this red wine and eating this pie metaphorical for being alive and for the possibility of landing the utopia, in one of these taking Heaven by storm for chilito, for what needs a little joy, ability to enjoy life, in addition to recognizing the suffering current and historic, our share of the blame and the lament by a last utopia that maybe it never existed.