Brazilian Discrimination

The process of the exclusion strong and is catalyzed by intolerncia and ojeriza to the difference and diversity, the recognition of this deficit of social support reveals necessary stops with the Brazilian black community. The inclusion of these individuals in the context and the daily dynamics of the social one is imperative. The examination of conscience and reflection that must be considered the society is delineated by the necessity to assent space to that they had not had, does not have and probably they will not have supplied, the necessities most basic so that thus it can be defined as individual that is truily, intellectually and worthy equal to excessively. The equality that if speaks is not the deed of division, consecrated in the Federal Constitution, but the proper constitutional command of if materializing the effective equality. Material equality, distributive justice (that it shares chances) capable to revert, in the plan of the facts, the effect gifts of a past discrimination and so evidenced it ties today. It is not simply to grant to benefits the definitive group, in a species of ' ' discrimination positiva' ' , more to guarantee the proper constitutional text and the dignity of the person human being. Mechanism of inclusion for such effect can be defined as affirmative actions.

The affirmative actions can be appraised as being: politics public (and also private) directed to the neutralization of the effect of the racial discrimination, sort, age, national origin and physical compleio, aim at to not only fight the manifestations discrimination instants, but also the cultural, structural, taken root deep discrimination of in the society. This effective equality appears in some forms modalities as the racial quotas in the ingression to superior education. It guarantees superior education to the black population, that in its immense majority, is poor and it does not have access to the education of quality base.