At The Turn Of The Year Threatens Limitation!

As every year demands millions in will expire as of December 31 Germany again. Like every year funds into multi millions of dollars because of statute of limitations are lost on 31 December German companies and individuals. The reason: The claims are not timely asserted. Also, many creditors have not registered the change of law which limitation periods have been drastically reduced. The so-called regular limitation period applies to the most claims, and it is three years. In particular bills dating back to 2007 threatening to become time-barred.

The regular Statute of limitations of three years begins to run, in which a demand has emerged and become due at the end of the year. In other words, a services provided for example to the beginning or the middle of a year, is the limitation period only to the end of the year underway. How to calculate the regular Statute of limitations itself: date to the claim becomes due, plus the time until 31 December of the Year in which your call will be charged plus 3 years = end of the limitation period. Expire at the end of the calendar year 2010: claims due to deliveries and services claims arising from rental and lease charges included claims from purchase price payment claims arising from arrears interest demands of daily life, which are not otherwise regulated in accordance with 195 BGB from the year 2007! The Statute of limitations can be prevented by inhibition or restart. Inhibition occurs for example through delivery of a Mahnbescheides or negotiations between debtors and creditors. The Statute of limitations begins to run in the event of acknowledgement by the debtor. The Statute of limitations does not prevent through out-of-court reminders! There are even more specialized shorter and longer periods in addition to the three-year limitation period always expert advice should be sought in cases of doubt.

The suspension of the limitation period by court order requires the timely delivery of the Mahnbescheides in the Debtor. This can be difficult if the debtor is warped, or if the name or the company name are not known exactly. Then necessary investigations run part of authorities, you work as you know often slowly the year end is fast and barred the claim. Therefore demands that threaten to lapse at the end of the year, to immediately assert are. Further waiting to increases the risk that admission of the limitation period is unavoidable. Alwin everything