Alex Raskin

However, it is desirable to read what the policeman wrote down as your explanation and, if you think that you do not talk, it would require corrections of his statements. Make a note all the circumstances of the case. If possible, take pictures, measure the required distance, note the exact address of the site, details of witnesses, notice how many police officers. It is not excluded that in the future, all these data will be of great value. If you received a protocol – an invitation to the court, a large selection of actions you have. Determine the need for participation in the lawyer and the appointed time present yourselves before the judge. If you have received from the police report with the requirement to pay a fine, then you have several options.

The first – to pay the fine within ninety days of its receipt. Payment penalty equal to confess guilt. Since the payment amount to begin penalized for violation of the vehicle. After payment of a fine not to apply to the court. The second – within thirty days after receiving the penalty can go to the police to revoke the fine or replace it with a warning. The downside of this treatment is that while the police did not respond, you can not go in court. Consequently, if the police response takes ninety days, the driver loses the right to request to sue.

The third – within ninety days from the date of receipt to request a penalty on trial. It must be remembered that if you submitted a request to sue, but then thought better of it and to the court decision and paid a fine for this overdue payment period of ninety days, the penalty increases. To make the right decision on whether to go to court, it is necessary to weigh the possibility of winning the case. You must also determine whether you can defend yourself in court or do you need a lawyer. Often in cases involving with fines representation by counsel in court is not always economically feasible, and perhaps that is enough to get a board lawyer. Furthermore, we must clearly understand that in case you lose the case the judge can oblige to pay the fine exceeding the original. Please sue filed on a form attached to a fine. Send a request must be through registered mail. Make sure you specify the return address – this is the address to which you get your mail. If in the future you will be invited to appear at court, and you do not get due to the fact that, for example, you have changed address, the court will make a decision without your presence, and subsequently cancel it will not be easy.