Any complaints of official representation of the auto industry Subaru in Russia were without consideration, although they were not 1-2, but the order of 10 pieces, all of them were written about warranty service and repair cars for insurance. All Produced work for money – were executed almost flawlessly, it was a couple of gripes, but they were quickly resolved. Why? Most likely paid for the blood can still be something to show car service, but about guarantees, the guys doing what they want – a complete mess. Subaru – high quality, if not higher, once bought a car Subaru rarely transplanted to a different brand. Unpleasant moments of communion with the staff In-service arose constantly, here's a couple that come to mind: 1. The brake pedal started to squeak already on the way home, just after buying a car, and 3 years of operation, futile attempts to eliminate staff in Skiri pedal so failed. Case there was a defective spring loaded, which does car service could not be replaced, and stupidly rubbed her grafitkoy. The problem with the pedal resolved within 5 minutes when I arrived at the "garage" service Subaru.

2. After a small Accident, gave the car to the paint on the hull. I pick up a car with a mate, such govyannoy painting with the influx, with the unwithdrawn until the end of the film, with a wry screwed details and other minor defects. Master of my mate seemed baby talk, and he politely took me to the director.