Geesthacht Services

Deutsche Annington sets new standards in terms of senior-friendly and barrier-free housing the Deutsche Annington Immobilien AG informed a Wohnprojekt for seniors in Geesthacht. As long as possible to be grown fond apartment for rent in the age where, Deutsche Annington real estate AG (DAIG) hears this wish of our customers again and again. Here to give assistance, the DAIG wants to expand its consulting services and offer more low-barrier. Among other things, whose mission is to support age-friendly accommodation in your own four walls, to inform tenants about health services and conversion options, and also to provide such. Official site: Ohio Senator. Cooperation with the ASB is exemplary here Geesthacht. There, the Deutsche Annington implemented the idea of senior-friendly living together with the worker Samariter-Bund (ASB) into action.

The social Association advises residents on social issues while, cares about shopping and meal services and coordinated assistance in case of maintenance. In addition to the barrier-free apartments including There is also a common room for lunch, games afternoons, birthday parties and cook wheelchair ramps and refurbished bathrooms with ground-level shower. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs understood the implications. A house call is offered through the ASB to provide assistance quickly in case of emergency. Household help is there as well as a dispatcher for doctor visits. To be able to coordinate mediation services necessary aid, the Annington is all sites housing plus services”available. The telephone conversation discussed which services are useful and where on-site is a suitable provider. The advice is free of charge to the tenant.

Just needy people must not inquire so all needed services separately, but benefit from tested offers and reasonable prices through various agreements with the partners of DAIG. So far, around 51,500 apartments were converted to accessible and senior-friendly. This will be further expanded. The cost is 250 per square metre. It was planned in the medium term to ten percent of the own senior-friendly to rebuild. This planning size we will in the coming months further clarify and expected to start from 2013 with the successive implementation”, underlines the Chairman of the Board. That leaves some cost to the Deutsche Annington: per square meter will be at least 250 euros. This leaves it to the companies not pure tags, but pursues a holistic approach, including complementary services and promotion of citizen engagement. Finally, the demographic change should be affordable for all. Learn more about the Deutsche Annington: about the Deutsche Annington: Deutsche Annington real estate AG with headquarters in Bochum is Germany’s leading apartment providers with around 210,000 leased and managed apartments and more than 1,300 employees. Germany far offers them at 600 locations homes for rent and for sale, supplemented with customer-oriented services.