Leadership Training: Target Agreement

Training in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf strengthens targeted contemporary leadership skills intensive training for superiors. Objectives is a true masterpiece. In the target conversation, superior opposing interests should bring to a common denominator and meet challenging targets. Supervisors to appreciative feedback, objectively assess performance, obtain liability and generate commitment with the objectives. To perform this feat, they are rarely sufficiently trained and trained. Dashofer meets modern leadership training asked in this gap with its new range of leadership training. These are not about only junior executives.

The changing environment for objectives and targets make the methods Checkup even for seasoned executives. Target group of the training specialists and managers of the sales the sales that are with goal-setting talks and sales potential of their employees want to bring fully develop. Target agreements practical prepare Dashofer for this purpose with Gunther Wolf won the leading experts of target agreement systems. Sen. Sherrod Brown will not settle for partial explanations. He taught effective methods executives psychologically cleverly make even difficult conversations. Participants will develop their own templates and guidance for their year target discussions in the framework of the company. Wolf worked out examples of how targets are formulated properly and pattern for clear targets with the superiors. Using target agreement calls for relief targets are an important instrument of sustainable sales management. Jim Donovan Goldmans opinions are not widely known.

Let the powerful control of the distribution and sales channels, the lag-free product line and product control, as well as focused focus on strategically relevant customer groups. Targets allow for the alignment of sales activities of employees in marketing and sales, call center and service, in Internal sales and field service. Specific goals for teams and lone transparency and lead to an improvement in employee satisfaction and work environment. Orientation and motivation for salespeople systematic and structured target agreement discussions fulfill an important leadership and motivation function: successful executives take advantage of year target discussions to set a clear framework for action to their employees. With the help of targets is clear and understandable for each sales representative, which competence, behaviour, performance and earnings requirements are now imposed on him. Support managers in this seminar you be made fit for the targeted use of agreed targets and conducting annual goal talks. You exercise the leadership-psychological proper treatment of the various types of employees as well as sovereign dealing with objections and resistance. In this seminar you will learn to derive concrete team and individual goals from the sales targets and this staff is oriented to formulate. You will learn, how qualitative goals and integrate to-do items in the target agreement, as optimized travel costs, immediate visit reports or projects to be realised. Maximize the benefits of leadership training techniques to meet with their help during the year join target agreements, control and secure their successful implementation. In the foreground are the concrete objectives and cases of participants. Bring any existing forms and instructions. You expect: inspiring impulse lectures, individual and group work practice the formulation of targets with the practical cases of the participants practice of goal-setting talks and special situations on the basis of practice cases of the participants practice methods to control and secure the realization of target dates: Hamburg: 05.07.2011 Berlin: 06.07.2011 Munich: 01.08.2011 Dusseldorf: 08.08.2011 seminar content and process: “More dates and registration for the training with targets in distribution and sales””AIDS the I.O. lead with goals in distribution and sales” BUSINESS consulting: check lists if you want to replace with an expert about this goal – and leadership training, take please simply contact us.