Digital Cameras Not of Interest to Spain

After a study of the OCU (Organization of Consumers) reveals that Spanish consumers are far less interested in the new digital photography compared with its European neighbors, the Internet portal launches a complete online guide to photography. The new portal through which you can even make an online photography course provides all the information you need to know how technology works in digital photography. This will examine the different cameras on the market, what kinds of them there, the technologies they support, how to produce the digital image formation in them, the differences between traditional analog photography and new digital and a wealth of information about the world of photography. In recent months, read more has been very successful. offers interesting sections on the camera brands with comparative tables on different models and options allow each model. It also includes a form where the reader is also interested in the verification of offers available on the market.

“How are you are proposals which the OCU welcomes to educate consumers on new technologies that Spain no longer at the bottom of the European Union in terms of technological knowledge at user level is concerned. In Spain, it happens that we are still afraid of new technologies, a trend that would be invested as the new technologies in many cases show savings of time, money and energy “and has referred to the new portal, a spokesman of the Organization Consumers and Users (OCU,) Finally, the digital photography guide also includes the ability to request copies online revealed through a simple process that involves sending of digital photo files by mail or through FTP server and receiving copies of the photos on paper at the residence of the applicant. Something that is also very innovative.