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A fundamental principle in the companies is the rationalization of resources, today no company can give the luxury of squandering money and much less when confronted with a situation like the present. Companies that react faster are those that have more opportunities to stay afloat and survive. When we live in times of abundance, the rationalization of resources and the identifications of points of optimization are not the priority. On the contrary, when we face in time of lean, the optimization of resources becomes an obligation and almost by a factor of subsistence. Does then the question to place is where making reductions without impacting the company’s results? A good choice would be to eliminate the excesses, but how to know which is the optimal level of resources? To answer this question we would need to anticipate the future, then it is logical to think at this point components such as forecasting and demand planning become more important. We diferenciemos then what is the forecast and demand planning. According to Guillermo Utrilla Sandoval, Senior Manager in charge of the Supply Chain practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers Mexico. While the forecast is the result of an estimate whose origin will often be a mathematical projection with some adjustments, a demand plan is the result of adding the result of the forecast adjustments arising from market intelligence coming from different areas and actors (usually commercial), in other words the demand Planner ensures that be included in the forecast available knowledge about the trends and events that could impact the past and the future of demand.

Do so in times of crisis advantages the fact implement a process of forecast and planning of demand in the company? A successful outcome and an adequate planning of demand enable companies to buy and produce, control total costs in the chain of supply through the rationalization of the quantities also contributes to perform better planning of distribution to achieve the greatest efficiency of the inventory helping to raise the level of service. If these benefits are evident in times of what would be called cows fat in lean times they spend being a desire to a need of vital character. However keep in mind is that the prognosis if only it isn’t the key to success then no good having the forecast more accurate if this is not communicated in a timely manner to the operational areas for decision-making about how they plan to use the resources available. Then the speed with which generated forecasts and the process of communication in the enterprise will be major actors in the achievement of the objectives established. One of the main recommendations that topics of optimization experts make in times of crisis is the rationalization of the portfolio of products and services. Without having a good information of demand for products and reliable projections, it is difficult to be able to take a decision thereon. By that charge lot important objective to establish a seriously structured demand planning process allowing to optimize investment in resources according to market demand projections.

Construction Committee

The design office employs highly qualified professionals with experience in designing structures made of metal structures. Step Two: Making of profiles and components.: Starting with the release in 2003 31 size profiles today the company produces more than 200 types of various profiles and metal fasteners for assembly volumetric designs LSTC. They all have a compliance certificate Construction Committee of Russia. For the manufacture of metal profiles is high-strength structural steel with zinc coated according to GOST 14918-80 "Steel thin sheet Galvanized with continuous lines, "with a yield at least 230 MPa with a first-class zinc coating weight of 1 sq. m. coating applied on both sides from 258 to 570 grams. and the coating thickness from 18 to 40 microns. inclusive).

Structures metal of galvanized steel protected against corrosion for the life of the building. Lifetime profiles were studied in the "British Steel". Studies have been conducted for galvanized steel profiles in the open air. In result showed that 275 g/m2 zinc enough for durability in about 100 years. To meet the needs of builders in quality, cost effective and durable crate our firm in cooperation with one of St. Petersburg's leading roofing companies, "AVEKS +" in 2005, mastered and implemented the profiles of metal-op crate universal shelf height of 25 mm with a thickness of 0.55 mm and ventilated crate universal EMBs with tall shelves 45 mm thick 0, 7 mm. A feature is the presence of EMBs sheathing on its side walls of the holes with a diameter of 20 mm in steps of 186 mm, arranged in such a way that provides under-roof space ventilation and drainage of condensate during its education.