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Accordingly: The difficulty presentation in English is to find a middle ground between the business language and at the same time to sound easy and not boring. Courses English in Moscow on English language programs “New Model” provide training “presentation in English.” More information on the site Amortization, installation, implementation … Paradoxically, Russian, studying English, much more quickly memorize these complicated words and more than willing to use them in his speech. As one of our listeners: “sounds nice and rich.” Of course, this argument. But for western counterparts speech, abounding like “beautiful” sounds about as well as if you are in the Russian began to speak the language of contracts, using the infinite “-isms”.

In addition, such words are more than abstracts, and the listener in its ochared, rather difficult to imagine, especially if you present some innovative product or presenting to an unprepared audience. Try to draw the word “depreciation” or in a few words to explain what it is. And not so easy to agree. “Verb to burn the hearts of men.” The presentation should be dynamic. And the dynamics of your speech may only add the use of verbs instead of complex nouns. Use short proposals on a “subject – action – object” and not go into a chain of subordinate clauses, of which they themselves hardly choose. And the audience something, surely, will lose the original thread of your argument. In addition, the use of verbs can still shine through such favorite words, like manufacturing, capitalization, customization, but make them shorter and more neutral-sounding for listeners – manufacture, capitalize, customize.

American or English? As already said English – idiomatic. Preparing for the speech to the English-speaking audience, bother to peruse and use the thesaurus as possible phrasal verbs with German origins – Shorter than the equivalent of Latin origin: found – set up, get – obtain, inform – tell etc. Be active during the performance. Passive voice in English – one of the most hated subjects for studying the language. However, once mastered them, we try to use it wherever possible. A new product has been launched, and We have launched a new product. At first glance, there is no difference. But! In the first case, all the laurels gets the unknown publisher of this most wonderful product. In the second sentence – you just declare about their success and merit. The use of passive voice is appropriate when you’re talking about mistakes and inaccuracies, and logical, you do not want to focus on your audience “Authors” of these blunders. Respect your audience. Your audience has a legitimate right to know when you plan to finish his fiery speech. People do not see your report, and if they missed something on deaf ears, can not “Look through” the page back. Your task – to understand and take into account that someone may not know the language at that level, what you own. In each segment of your presentation to talk about what will be discussed, indicate a relationship with previous thesis, using a robust speech and expression, taken in English. That will give you the training (training “presentation in English,” English language courses in Moscow on a research project on English “New Model”): Learn how to use such words and phrases, and learn the secrets of the other presentations in English, you can in the training of “new model” – “Successful presentation at English language. ” The project “New model” English language courses in Moscow. Training in English.


And no culture in the world has such an influence of their ancestors on the spiritual life of the country, as Chinese culture. The whole culture and philosophy of China are united by one common principle – continuity. The Chinese have a certain mindset, they look to the future through the prism of his past. Confucianism is the basis of the entire Chinese culture. More Confucius, among other values (and law-abiding devotion to family) saw the highest value education. And that education was the first place. After all, the man who stood on the path to knowledge, worthy of great respect. Chinese student – a person with a particular lifestyle, with a special philosophy, he returns to training.

The priorities of the Chinese student embarked on the path to achieving his goal is to focus on teaching, clear and fairly strict schedule. It is subject to the traditions and culture of their country. By learning the Chinese language should be approached with patience and diligence, fully immersed in the subject. Chinese will not accept a hurry to learn. The assertion that the language of the future – the Chinese do not make sense. Why is language so popular? A huge role here was played Americans.

More recently, American businessmen and politicians en masse studied Japanese language, considering it a promising career opportunities. But when Japan was faced with some difficulties in its economy, America drew their sights on China, which grew rapidly in all directions. To date, about 2,500 thousand universities and other educational institutions around the world (100 countries) offer a variety of methods and programs to study the Chinese language.