Par Productive

In accordance with the studies, these bees were docile, more in compensation the produtividades were very low, ahead of this with intention to search the africanized bees, which were productive, however extremely aggressive, in 1956, professor Warwick Estevan Kerr directed it Africa, with support of the Ministry of Agriculture, with the incumbency to select queens of productive and resistant African beehives the illnesses. The intention was to carry through research comparing the productivity, rusticidade and aggressiveness between the European, African bees and its hybrids and, after the conclusive results, to recommend the bee most appropriate to our conditions. Of this form, in 1957, 49 queens had been taken to the experimental apirio to be tested and comparative with the Italian and black bees. However, nothing she concluded herself of this experiment, therefore, in one virtue accident, 26 of the African beehives enxamearam 45 days the introduction after. The release of these productive, however very very aggressive bees, created a great problem for Brazil with its enxameatrio dead person becoming a chaos in the Brazilian beekeeping. However had the lack of information many beekeepers had given up to create bees, after of 1970 he only had related advances the new tools and techniques of apicultural handling. Currently the bee creation if proceeds from rational way, being indispensable to know the biology of the bees, and from this knowledge the beekeeper will go to know as to act and to act in diverse situations and revisions in the beehives of the apirio However the State of Par possesss an exuberant and diversified apicultural flora, what it provides the beekeeping to be a economic activity and of low ambient impact, making possible the permanent use of the natural resources, preserving the nature and adding this ' ' marketing ecolgico' ' to the gotten products. But until the gift moment is explored, almost that exclusively, the conventional production of honey being limited or even though absent the exploitation of the other apicultural products right-handers (real jelly, pollen, prpolis, apitoxina and the wax) that it would add value to all productive chain.