Nobel Peace Prize

Between July 2004 and March/April 2008, we have been developing communications, denote whose titles, by pointing to the beginning of the present our internationality. Thus in successive chronological order we have generated, the following communications: towards a sketch of matrix sustainable transport, the energy and the communications ARGENTINAS; BY A DECONCENTRATION DEMOGRAPHIC ARGENTINA;Is Argentina ready for a global petrocolapso? ; SHORTAGES OF FUEL IN ARGENTINA CONYUNTURAL; The traction to animal blood in petrocolapso key;A contribution to the Argentine population deconcentration;BY ARGENTINA (ALMOST) WITHOUT CARS, NO PAVED ROADS AND NO PLASTICS. (IT’S THE ENERGY, STUPID @!); By a system of network dynamics of personal dignity;Possible impacts of climate change and the petrocolapso in Argentina; We continue to insist with the climate change and the petrocolapso;A Argentina conceived as network of ecological villages;Ecovillage and organized community; Traction to blood as a component to reinvent the Argentine energy matrix; Energy rationing, economic conversion and neorruralizacion(A meditation on the Argentinean case; Requiem for the American way of life; Retraining labor for a changing world.In the case of the respective links will not work titles listed above can be consulted on the website: in the above-mentioned communications, we have been emphasizing pre-proposals, as new information and knowledge, we were imposing of the aggravation of situations. The granting of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 to the Panel of experts of the UN climate change and Al Gore; the failure of the meeting in Bali of the framework Convention on climate change in December this year and the recent Conference on Eco cities: emblematizan to the multiple and simultaneous pronouncements about the seriousness of the issue. So it comes to question food capacity of the planet to the current planetary population, suggesting that that capacity already has been surpassed, in the same way as this exceeded the capacity of carbon dioxide tolerance.