MPa Engine

The most important detail of the car – the engine. From its stable of independent life of the machine, its features. For the movement, namely for a car engine requires the use of fuel. To date, the following fuels: gasoline, diesel, gas, electricity. For most Russian cars characterized by the use of gasoline. Running the engine is based on heat and combustible fuel obtained on the basis of its mechanical energy rotating engine cylinders. Receipt of the same fuel provides gasoline pump. Benzonasos Vaz, like all the most gasoline pump on domestic cars with domestic engines is difragmentarnym.

Technical characteristics of the pump base model are: the fuel supply 60 l / h at a frequency of 2000 cycles swings per minute, the pressure created by 0,02-0,03 MPa. Benzonasos Vaz consists of the following main parts: Body, head of the body, head cover, diaphragm, piston and diaphragm spring, Double-arm lever mounted in the housing on the axis, three intake valve guide rods and springs, seeking to keep the valves closed; strainer lever manual pumping. Gasoline from the fuel tank passes through the pump to the carburetor, then starts the combustion of fuel and produce heat. Benzonasos Vaz Like all parts of the car needs constant technical monitoring and verification of stability of the equipment. In case of failure of the spare car problems to the operation of the vehicle. And only when they are elimination of possible normal traffic on the machine.