Michelin Energy Fuel

In order to better “hold” the road and provide a comfortable and confident driving, normal tire is deformed during the motion. Deformation leads to heating of the tire and it entails a loss of energy. As a result, 20% total fuel consumption, goes on rolling resistance tires. “Green” tires made in Michelin for more than 16 years, reduce the cost of fuel costs, while at the same time for transport, thus ensuring reduction emission vehicles. The difference between “green tires” – reduced rolling resistance without sacrificing features such as adhesion or abrasion resistance tires. What is beneficial to one – really good for everyone! On the analysis of the life cycle of the tire, through the use of 4 generations of ‘green’ tires Michelin Energy, CO2 emissions fell by more than 25 million tons (1L = 25 grams of fuel CO2). That would be enough for the year to 20 million vehicles.