Japanese Internet

So the choice is virtually every taste and budget. Cameras, camcorders, optics, Japanese corporations – the world’s leaders in the development and production of photo, video, therefore not surprising that in Japan in general and in online auctions in particular, a huge variety of cameras, camcorders, lenses, tripods and related accessories. Online auction Yahoo – one of those places where should choose this product. Technology and a lot of very different, from amateur models to expensive equipment for professionals. Prices vary quite significantly, too. When choosing, look at the condition of the goods, reputation of the seller, carefully consider the photo. The key thing to remember – you bought the equipment for the domestic Japanese market and, hence, has a menu in Japanese. For the simple ones “Soapbox” – this is not a problem, and so they are not too many features will not be difficult to understand just by the icons.

More sophisticated models can have menus in English, may not have, so do not be lazy to clarify this question from the seller, so you do not bother with the “Japanese literacy.” Well, every little thing you can buy companion quietly: saddlebags for equipment, chargers, memory cards, lights, tripods, cases, equipment for cleaning optics and the camera cover on the lens, batteries, etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Economic Intelligence has to say. Please refrain from future purchases, Cell Phones in Japan are working on a different standard than in Russia. So here, in the Japanese mobile phone gsm networks will useless piece of iron, also equipped with buttons and menus with the characters. In addition to standard DVD players NTSC, which operate on the Japanese DVD-players, and which is not compatible with the format used in Russia, the Japanese player can not just take our wheels. Not the least reason for this – a violent confrontation between Japanese piracy. The site provides access to Yaha.ru Japanese Internet auction site in real-time. You choose the goods and haggle at auction. The site provides access to Yaha.ru Japanese Internet auction Yahoo in real-time. You choose the goods and haggle at the auction.