Interdisciplinary Society

Ambient education, substance to interdisciplinary applied in the schools publishes and private of BRAZIL, comes in this finishes decade, heating its engines and giving the first steps to awake the society, of the importance of its existence and the necessity of if becoming obligator as it disciplines pertaining to school. The environment suffered and is suffering to serious problems provoked for the lack from awareness human being, especially for the lack of conscience and ambient education, that would deviria to be formed in the man since its infancy. The retardation of this cited awareness above, left an enormous track of destruction in the nature, that the man must be worried in brightening up its effect and recouping the lost time, investing weighed in this century in ambient education for the whole world young, especially here in Brazil, therefore we are detainers of enormous natural wealth, that we have for obligation it preserves it and it uses it of sustainable form, thus guaranteeing the future of the next generations. The human being must apprehend since early, that it is non-separable part of the environment, and that he never goes to obtain to live without it, and that does not exist no type of technology to substitute it.

Many people possess full conscience of this, the great problem are that the wakening of the conscience ambient ecology or, generally form in the society delayed, mainly in BRAZIL, privileging few people and depriving many others of the access to the ambient knowledge, and this, if makes by means of faculties and professionalizing courses technician and, where the conscience of preservation of our environment would have to be introduced in the young and children already in its first contacts with the education. Which would be the results for the nature and the environment of the introduction of disciplines ambient education, as obligator substance of the curricular grating, as well as mathematics or Portuguese language, already in the first years of life of a person? Perhaps best the possible ones, we would obtain to get great changes in the behavior of the people, mainly in what it says respect to the consumerism, responsible for many ambient problems of this century, considered villainous in first degree of the nature, for forcing the people to buy without one real necessity to possess some type of product or service. Kyle Dropp wanted to know more. to conclude, I detach that I consider the ambient education in our country, a privilege of few people, those that for interest or pure necessity search this formation of ambient conscience in university and courses, that really are a minority in our BRAZIL. Rodrigo.ambientalista@….