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The ecological foods are those that make without the aggregate of chemical substances like artificial flavors or preservatives. The fine quality of ecological products is far beyond the one of industrial products, as much in color and flavor, like in concentration of nutrients. The ecological feeding entails a series of important benefits for the human health, that compensates the price a little more elevated this type of foods sometimes. The ecological feeding includes traditional green products and of farm, like vegetables and the cultures generally, the bred and fattened animal meat without hormones, or the by-products like farm eggs. The difference is well-known. The meat of the bred chickens on the basis of natural foods knows very many better than the one of those animal that have been fed all their life with balanced foods and supplements for the growth.

The eggs are greater, and the yolk, that concentrates all the proteins and nutrients, is much more intense in its color, almost of a tonality orange, against the pale yellow that the deposit eggs usually have. The benefits for the health go beyond an improved nutrition. One calculates that this type of foods has between a 40 and 60 percent more of vitamin concentration that the industrial products. The ecological foods usually provoke minor amount of allergic reactions, salpullidos or intolerance. This is a fact, because the existence of artificial chemical substances does not assure the maximum tolerance. Another often little considered aspect of ecological products is packaging. Frequently, truly ecological products are placed in the market, but whose package is of being echo-friendly much. New and better technologies are being developed every day to replace this type of packing by other packages with smaller impact on the environment.

An example is the packages produced with cellulose derived from the sugar cane, before of petroleum, nonrenewable product by definition. At the moment the production of trays studies in several universities of Europe on the basis of the pens of the poultries, to replace traditional, but the harmful ones for the environment, trays of PET (expanded polystyrene). The ecological feeding is prevailing more and more, not only in the markets, where the responsible consumers tend to prevail, but like state policy, with the purpose simple to leave the planet so we found what it.