A Day Renounces Find You

Waking up already you were not there, I’ve left the heart made ashes and memories do I just tear the soul, I can not mourn because neither tears I’ve left, I can not laugh because you you was my smile, I’ve left like to follow, if I you trusted, if you were my beginning and my end, in my childhood were who swear not to abandon meAs look at night, if the Moon is already not in the sky, listening to the birds, if your that taught me to decipher their melodies, I’ve plugged ears. For more specific information, check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. I’ve left breathless, without stars in my eyes, I do not see, things lost its shape, as if the colors had faded, as if the Sun had ceased to shine already, my steps are not heard, I feel lost like a ship without rudder or helmsman, without captain who both loved. Gain insight and clarity with Connecticut Senator. I’m going from here to there, ontigo is gone my confidence my desire to dream. Papa tell me where, because I’ve left you were my compass on uncertain nights, you were my clock in lost hours, today I have no North or South, East and West collide, anchoring me in the immensity of the sea, I feel like a leaf discarded on an autumn afternoon, waiting for the wind to blow to follow, I’ve left and can not find the because I ran out of words, only the silences accompany me, I’m without laughter, without small smiles that fed my world I was the words stop as the clock hands when they cease to rotatedo, I have only your memory, try to contain the tears, I try to tell them my hands already not those who do not seek you, that you’ve gone, but no longer to them I can’t control, desperate longing for your hugs, fled from reality to not hurt me, one I’ve left Pope, who I contenera in these night cold winter? Dad I ran out of voice by calling you, without tears by mourn you, breathless to find you without dreams to imagine without guardian of my steps, but what more I can not assume, what most hurts me recognize my words, than trembles and drowns my eyes in tears, is the idea that today, I was without you, I have stolen my dictionary the word PopePerhaps be the last time that you hear it, perhaps be the last time that pronounce it original author and source of the article..