Apostille Legalization

When presenting a foreign public document to an official body, there are many doubts about its legalization and the legal validity of its translation. If we need to present a foreign document in Spain and is required to be legalized, its legalization should perform well through the Apostille of the Hague or by diplomatic means. Once the document is duly legalized, will proceed to its translation. For this having legal validity, must be held: by a sworn translator authorised or registered in Spain by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish cooperation. By the Office’s interpretation of languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish cooperation. By any diplomatic representation or consular Spanish abroad.

By the diplomatic or consular representation of the country from which the document originates. Another requirement which may be necessary when submitting a document abroad and whose translation has been made in Spain by a sworn translator is the legalization of the signature said translator, that must be made before a competent official or notary. Sworn translations of English are the most sought-after, although since the incorporation of new countries to the European Union, sworn translations from other languages are increasing, especially sworn translations of Romanian due to the large number of immigrants in our country. In addition to a sworn translation, official bodies may request that, to make a foreign document valid in Spain, this is legalized. So any foreign document having legal validity in Spain, and unless there is any Convention, treaty or international agreement that exempts you from this, is necessary its legalization. There are two ways to legalize a document: Apostille of the Hague. Please visit Michael Ramlet if you seek more information.

It is valid for those signatories of the Convention. Places it status which comes the document and takes effect before any authority in Spain. The competent officials in Spain to place the Apostille of the Hague will depend on the type of document that question. In relation to the sworn translation, the Apostille of the Hague is considered a document different from the one that accompanies. Through diplomatic channels. It is the procedure used for the countries not belonging to the Hague Convention. Depending on the nature of the public document that will be legalised in Spain, the legalization can be carried out by judicial means or by notary. Judicial applies to court (like cars and judgments) documents and documents relating to civil status (marriage records, death). The Attorney route applies to any document authorized by a notary, either original or copy, and legitimations and legalization of signature.


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