Women Hide Page Jump Rather Than Men

The partner does not know, making him not hot little people is so important in a relationship such as loyalty. She are stability and security at a time when in the always changing things and flexibility will be provided not only professionally. Page jumps happen time and again. The Internet portal partnersuche.de has asked its users whether they would confess the misstep to their partner. More takes a slightly different approach. After a fling, the bad conscience plaguing who, usually something in the relationship is. The question now is whether the partners of the single slip should learn or not.

Finally, the cheating among the worst trust fractures can be repaired very difficult. 138 people of all ages, of which 91 men and 47 women, to their opinion were asked in an online survey. The result is the common stereotype of the unfaithful, uncaring man on the head. There are more women would hide their cheating. About 23 percent of male and 17 percent of female respondents her partner would tell of her fling. The majority of respondents, i.e.

33 percent of men and 30 percent of women wanted to not commit himself, however, and stated to be probably honest. Completely conceal 18 percent of male and even almost 30 per cent of women would be a fraud. It is not always the best to put the partner of a one-off slip up in knowledge. A longer affair so requires but the decency to be honest with the other. More information: press Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH