With Children On The Stress-free Way In

The 10 best tips around kids aboard for holiday cars Munich the theme, March 16, 2009 – prefer anyone who travels with children during the holidays, had cheerful kids in the backseat – rather than small tormentors who constantly nag: are we almost there?, I have to go, is so boring to me. A few simple ideas help to bring themselves and the young on the road plenty of variety and fun. Holiday cars, market leader for holiday car rental worldwide, has the 10 best tips for the holiday trip with the little ones: 1 route and breaks planning advance before driving off explaining where you’re going: stories about the goal and maybe also interesting stopovers can do this tasty and travelling varied tell. Route planning with children always means that one up on the road should be 2-3 hours at a time and there’s a thousand ways for a break: for example, a sand castle on the beach building, a round in the Roller coaster rotate, feeding a monkey in the Zoo, or admire rare plants in the nature park. 2.

what was that? Even if you just want to arrive, children are curious and interested in everything they see on the road. And finally it can not hurt, and even sometimes to see something new. Just curious question what was that?\”as a reason for the nearest exit, wonder through or follow signs and the secrets on the road come to the bottom. Such spontaneous trips in the image capture, because they may become unique memories that no other vacationers before ever has seen. 3. different ages in a holiday car smaller kids love playgrounds and are satisfied as long as her stuffed animal and Mama in arm’s reach. Teenagers love to go shopping center, find much so not cool, unable to cope with the musical tastes of the siblings and parents and must be thrilled otherwise.