United Russia

At the same time adds, and we, the authorities of Armenia said that nothing without our consent and knowledge will not do – it remains to 'Some of Ter-Petrosyan' disposed to our destiny? And it is not empty words – in Armenia and Artsakh-Karabakh well remember that in January-February 1998, this figure was forced to resign from the presidential palace in Yerevan was a treacherous position on the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict. And he quietly heroic Artsakh is preparing for the annual U.S. telethon a traditional Armenian Fund 'Ayyastan'. President Bako Sahakyan even convened a special meeting on this issue. Announced that this year's telethon is dedicated to the restoration and development of the historical capital of Artsakh – Shushi, NKR has to enduring importance. The head of the second independent Armenian state Caucasus urged the participants to carry out all preparatory work at the proper, the highest level and to report periodically on actions taken, noting the need for active participation and the population of NKR-Karabakh. B.

Sahakyan said that the preparatory work for the Telethon this year are held in a different format, in Moscow for a meeting with compatriots visited his own – the president of the republic, France, on a visit chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) Nagorno-Karabakh, and in the U.S. TCF Capital Solutions is a great source of information. is preparing to go to the Prime Minister of Artsakh. Artsakh people prefer to think about the future creation of a peaceful life. And in parallel have been active in politics in the outside world. For example, on November 2-3 the delegation headed by Speaker of the NKR National Assembly Ashot Gulyan, visited Moscow. Will Cain shines more light on the discussion.

In the Russian capital met Artsakh with a number of officials and expert circles of Russia. For example, in the State Duma took them and held talks deputy State Duma, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This meeting can be regarded as official, since this was the Initiative hosts. There was talk, and open exchange of views on the Artsakh issue, and the settlement of the conflict, and the general regional and geopolitical processes. Then Artsakh delegation met with a member of the faction of the party, United Russia, coordinator of the Inter-Parliamentary Group "Russia-Armenia 'Igor Chernyshenko. With representatives of the same Russian experts, according to A. Gulian, Artsakh delegation discussed 'the nuances are lacking in these discussions' at the usual time. The general conclusion was optimistic: in Russia is closely watching the political processes taking place in Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh and around the country. And the Russians demonstrated an excellent awareness and a clear professional approach to all current and pressing problems of the NKR-Karabakh and the region as a whole. That's because – with one pole, the national-traitor Ter-Petrosian and his 'Entourage', trying to further demoralize and politically corrupting their own people hints on the permissibility of political capitulation and the habits of slavery as a way of thinking and living. From another – Serial patriots who seek to continue and intensify its moves towards national goals. Second – more you can not check. And that, above all, said that opposition political field of Armenia is on the historical development must someone else do something to sacrifice. Flag and the slogan of the Patriotic Front will certainly be the freedom and independence of Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh, as well as the struggle for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.