Nobody knows statistically accurate reaction of each person before the impulse that provokes, because that always sets the definition of momentum for each personality in game, discovering that a same request response, may well be an irrelevant Act for another. We can tentatively work as working hypothesis that the first step of the reaction, establishes the ethical values of each since the offense passes through this tour when he sticks out his intention. All logical reaction covers certain range of foreseeable nuances, since the education of each society establishes common patterns which responds almost in the entire trip, proving who escapes from them is sidelined with the titulejo of offender or misfit, depending on the scope that qualifies it. In most cases such outcast gathers forces in groups that respond to the new guidelines, forming a reactive force whose projection depends on the widespread social eco – and granted free advertising-, influencianda in some cases, in such a way that their own generalization cannibalises the primordial intention. For assistance, try visiting Jim Donovan Goldman. The repression of these marginal resulted – in its historical moment – revolutionary forces, demonstrating that the best contemporary armament is its diffusion and decertification, both in contempt for their ideals and their characters, is thereby protecting societies in its conventional form of experiencing the continuity of the species to which it belongs, is powerful or no. Not logical reactions coagulate the unexpected universe, therefore are the most fearsome and little standardized, covering his appearance with the vociferous epithets of the case to protect mode, drowning their confrontation by removing them from the battlefield. Must be present that reactions, are a range or another, representing a conformed or immature personality, and given that its expression is forceful, not be can undermine the same under any circumstances, since once launched will be repeated in similar situations how neurones when the individual forgives not about the same.