Toms Expatriation

The WAYS OF the EXPATRIATION According to Aurlio dictionary, expatriation means exile, banishment, deportation. These meanings, not accurately portray the current concept of expatriation that comes being used for the companies, therefore work expatriation as form business-oriented. Some authors already are working with the concept of form more adjusted the reality of the expatriation. According to SHEPHARD (1996), expatriated it is an individual that is not citizen of the country in which it or it is assigned to work. Without hesitation Senator Richard Blumenthal explained all about the problem.

In accordance with the English – Reader’ s Dictionary (HORNBY, 1979), expatriated is a person living far from its proper country. Certain (1997) still it affirms that the expatriated ones are the members of the organization that lives and work in country in which they do not have citizenship. As Toms (2009) the expatriated one is a human resources, an exterior citizen to the country in which it is the work, dislocated from its native country, coming across itself in the new half with a set of practical cultural different. It functions as agent of transference (they dislocate routines, to know and values of the native country for the place where he will go to work) of learning and diffusion of knowledge. From the moment where we live in a globalizada society, going and coming of people for the world go increasing. She was never so easy to cover great distances in few hours. One of the great collaborators of the process of the globalization was with certainty the technology, that is capable to reduce the geographic spaces incorporating computer science technologies, communication and transport distanciam reducing and allowing them the exchange of the information.