The Interval

The severity, we could not give name the same to the same rock that we contemplate in the interval of a lowermost fraction of second. We ourselves also already we would be another one: I who suspirou for as before coming back to contemplate the rock, already am one another one I. But before dealing with this I, think about other perspectives on the rock, only to remember that all our conjecturas do not pass of a perspective, the perspective human being. Many philosophers already had leaned over themselves on the substance concept, and of this they had created categories, classifications. They had only been forgotten to say that it was an interpretation human being. Therefore a camel imagines walking for the desert and if coming across with this rock now. How it enxerga? We do not know.

Probably it would turn aside itself from the rock. A snake perhaps, whose visual device is different to the one of the man and to the one of the camel, until crawled until the top of the rock, without apparent reason, and also would follow its way. Now let us think about a human being that, either for genetic engineering, or aid of advanced technological devices extreme, did not enxergasse the rock in the banal way we enxergamos that it, but the movement of each electron and the interaction of these with the waves and air particles to its redor. To go more far, we go to assume a terrestrial extra being incapable to visualize the rock as a particular being, but a particle confusion? perhaps nor let us call electrons here, it sees another thing? in interaction with particles of everything in return: of air, of the sand, the rays of sun and eventually of electromagnetic waves that come of the space. Perhaps this terrestrial extra being, this rock is not something massive; perhaps even exactly, for the constitution of its body, it can cross the rock, as well as us we cross the water or air.