The Effect Of The Box Of Pandora In Our Lives

The history of the Creation of the world, counted for old the heathen ones, that did not possess the scientific or Biblical knowledge, shows a version created for they themselves, where they counted that before the Creation, the land and the sea if mixed air and gave to this the name of Chaos, until Gods and the Nature had decided for each thing in its place, promoting the separation between the elements. Others deuses would have worked to atchegarem the conclusion of that it had the necessecidade to exist a nobler animal, and had made then the Man, of the proper land. The creator of the man was Prometheus, who was one of the Tits, a race of giants, that made the erect man, thus, while the men look at for low, the man is the only one that he looks at paracima and he can contemplate the stars and the sky.

The first woman, according to mythology, is bred in the sky and sent by Jupiter, that gave to Prometheus and its Epimeteu brother to it. If it called Pandora and it had received, of Venus, the beauty, of Mercury, the persuasion, of Apolo, music, at last, deuses it they had endowed with dons and talentos and had sent it to the land, having presenteando the Epimeteu, that of it accepted with pleasure, even so its brother had alerted to it so that it had care with the gifts of Jpiter.Epitemeu had a box kept in its house and in it some malignant gifts were kept, that it preferred not to use, when had prepared the man for its new dwelling, however the box despertou the curiosity of Pandora, that did not resist and in a certain occasion, took off the lid it to discover what it had there inside. Inside of the box, they had been placed many plagues, between them the reumatismo, the clica, the envy, the respect lack, the violence, the revenge, the hatred..