Being an entrepreneur in Internet is placing us goals and often questioning them to improve them even more, and there is no doubt that one of the best tools to succeed in our business is to have our own blog with which we create our personal brand, which will put us against our supporters and visitors as experts. After a time in line, and I assure you that while before better, we understand that one of the ways of generating more revenue is to have a list of subscribers, subscribers to be able to send them useful information, information that they can use to solve a certain problem or help them improve their lives, and of course, between the information we send them to also recommend resources or tools that they can use for this purpose. There are certain standards to do it and really make that our subscribers really feel benefited and grateful for the advice or recommendations we do them; but the most important is: always recommend a resource or tool that would really be useful, than We have already used or one of which we have already researched about its benefits and virtues. When I started with online ventures look for various ways to increase my lists, which I purchased and tried various methods to achieve having a considerable number of subscribers, most of them unfortunately my results were scarce or very slow, so I was forced to continue researching and consulting new options. There are countless ways to achieve to a web page or our blog subscribers, most advisable is to have a system which gives us not only an appearance highly professional, but that also combine this with an irresistible bonus or real usefulness for visitors to our niche market. Literally, to perform tests with many systems and even contact other entrepreneurs who also used the same systems for their lists; many of them I got answers and many others never returned my emails. James Donovan Goldman Sachs recognizes the significance of this.