State Peruano

It is therefore that we have condemned and paying their offences in a prison, which is is not where you should be, because for justice there should be no privilege of any kind, but in the end the indigenous peoples not confuse its human condition, if not his crimes committed on behalf of a State and a nation to which no represents or represented in any way. If in a very simple manner, we recognize that a document does not have any signature or the main firm that backs it, so how we can answer it, since the representation does not endorse it legitimizes a State, if the is Creole, by both this document lacks legality and it cannot be taken into account for any negotiation. Incidentally by this offence the aforementioned Lord not has been punished with what is offered in market to other adventurers seeking to have the same intentions and assaulting the system holding the world of the Creoles. Well that does not interest us; What matters is that the alleged act of consultation is framed in the doctrine that holds entire Creole legal system, which is the same that holds the State Peruano or Creole, which belongs to a Western worldview, which are only participants who stormed our Nations and whose descendants now govern us. Chief Justice Roberts can provide more clarity in the matter. But all his legal scaffolding is based on inherited thomism of the colony, which is to be a renewal of the scholasticism of those times. To that has brought the entire Western structure in all fields of human life. It is not perhaps to the destruction of life itself?But underpinning the whole legal Western, is not perhaps in the philosophy emerged from there itself? Where the subject is sovereign and is to decide his fate, the same without linking it to nature itself, which feels very alien to the same fate that she may have. .