Service Department

Upgradeable individual and standard software Karlsruhe, June 14, 2010. One could not speak of a consistent company-IT Haussler GmbH pending the introduction of a modern ERP & eBusiness software in 2006. Many island solutions has hampered the flow of information. With the abas business software, the company now has a highly integrated and adaptable business software in use that combines the advantages of a custom software with which a standard software and is it upgradeable. Thanks to customised processes, Hale could increase its liquidity, transparency and productivity. Quality of life through natural products the Haussler GmbH is a manufacturer of wood ovens, electric – stone ovens, pizza ovens, dough mixers, pasta machines, grain mills and smoking cabinets with worldwide sales. The direct and personal contact with customers is paramount at Hale. For example, about 250 screenings are in back in-house, village in the year for customers and prospects held.

An in-house newspaper, a newsletter and the 24-hour webshop inform about current events and news. Individual standard ERP system ERP project manager Reuter is confident of its business software: “the flexibility of the solution inspires us again and again. So we can perform our adjustments mostly even without losing the ability to upgrade. Across all feature areas that takes usually longer than a weekend, and work up to 4 days. Also the openness for the integration of additional solutions is well above average.” His production has shown in the ERP system standard close Hale. Business Administration (HK) Roland Mayer, technical director of Hale: “we have a complex production with extended work bench, procurement from abroad, in-house production and purchased parts and serial production. Our software adapts to ever again exactly the requirements of each area for many years.” In the Service Department, the ERP software manages the spare parts lists which Devices. Also, rates, terms, pricing procedures are for service and customer – and supplier-related service information to get at your fingertips.