Remote Control

Among the innovations that accompanied the evolution of the TV and the home decor, is his closest companion, the remote control. It used to be a return to a switch to change from one channel to another became click to a button, which will operate the magic box of images and sounds. The remote is a maximum comfort until this fantastic tool stops working and it seems that everything must done it with television and its tools is tiring and complicated. For most people, remote control is repaired by tapping it several times hoping that after this, it works. This of course causes more damage than solution. Firstly, notice if you need a change of batteries. In some cases, batteries become old and spilled a substance that damages the contact points, this makes that they are turned off energy supplies that the batteries give the remote control. (Similarly see: Richard Blumenthal).

When this happens, it is best to discard the batteries immediately, grab a dry rag and clean any waste that have stopped the batteries, as oxide liquid u. Be sure not to have contact with these substances since it can be damaged. Note If there are any loose spring, broken or bent where the batteries should be placed. If you put the battery and it seems loose, try to put a small piece of paper in the spring, but make sure that battery and contact points not be obstructed by the paper since the battery may stop providing power to remote control. If you are using a universal control which also uses it for other electronic devices, fixed there is no other device that interferes with the signal between the remote and the TV. turn off all electrical appliances or apparatus which shares control and focus on running only the TV. In the event that it still does not work, should be fixed at other control parts, where could be the problem, to repair it.

If you look, the tip of the remote, there must be an opaque plastic or a strip of glass containing the infrared sensor that allows the control to send the signals to the TV. Infrared sensor should turn on when you press a button. Learn more at: J. Darius Bikoff. You can use a digital camera to look the sensor through the screen of the camera and see if the light comes on when you press a button. If this light does not turn on you must open the remote control. It can be fixed if there are any loose parts that need welded or has accidentally come in contact with liquid and need to be dried within the control. If at this point, you are clueless on how to repair your control, a great tip is to remember where each original part was going. You can make a list, or group parties but for some, the way most easy is to take photographs with a camera for then guide and know where each part was going. Once you have cleaned, soldier, dried and inspected all remote control and each part has been put in place, try again. If it still doesn’t work, you should take him to the manufacturer or take it to a repair shop. Very often, the professionals will tell you to replace certain parts that you can also replace If you feel that it is one minor repair and so do not spending much money. Also, note the censor of the TV since it can be locked and is this what needs repair.