Radio Caracol and Its Significance to the Political Process

Needless to say that while Chavez scares the population, is no longer novel that inflation in Venezuela continues to rise. In October, the consumer inflation rate reached an increase of 2.4%, with the accumulated years of 24,7%. According to the site “Ansa Latina, the inflation rate in Venezuela and double the official target established by the Central Bank of Venezuela. Moreover, the site Venezuelan “El Universal”, reflects a situation that is contradictory to what Chavez claims to promote “The Central Bank records that in Caracas, between October 2007 and October this year, the impact of rising prices has been 33.9% in the layer of high income, while families that are 25% of the poorest in the country suffer a stroke of 39.5%. ” Thus, Chavez promotes socialism that severely affects the lower income strata. This worsening of inflation represents a further blow to the growth of an economy that loses strength each moment and which, moreover, has at its goose that lays the golden eggs to their international prices over the floor product of the consequences of the international financial crisis . As problems grow in the economy, increases the resistance against the Chavez government.

And if the segments of society with higher incomes are opposed to Chavez’s policies that undermine the private sector and if the lower income segments have increasingly harsh consequences of self-destruction and waste policies: who can then continue to support the government of Hugo Chavez? I get the feeling that the permanence of Chavez in power does not extend for many years. I do not think the possibility of violent actions against the Venezuelan president, but will be removed from power by force of the opposition or by the force of an ever more imminent economic crisis. In the Venezuelan site “Radio Caracol,” was published a note in which entrepreneurs in the country warned that Venezuela is heading towards economic disaster. In that note, the president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Production Associations of Venezuela, Jose Manuel Gonzalez described a bleak and frightening Venezuela. Gonzalez stated that Venezuela is mired in corruption at all levels, with a president who squandered resources exports oil, which squandered the good oil prices to industrialize Venezuela, while the country became heavily dependent on foreign production (imports quintupled in a few years), among other damage that occurred in the economy.

In this, the obfuscated Jose Manuel Gonzalez was strict with recognizing that Chavez is no guarantee for investment and has also allowed it to deteriorate the country’s productive apparatus. Just at the time that Venezuela needs calm before the serious economic problems internally and to the sharp deterioration in the external environment from which he had benefited greatly, Hugo Chavez shake happens over the country’s waters. If the investments were terrified of the Venezuelan economy through macroeconomic and institutional fragility of the country, adding political ends with the few brave souls who nevertheless dared to bet on the Venezuelan economy. Without investment, economic problems are compounded much more. With this panorama, and can not speak of the possibility of a crisis in Venezuela. I understand that and we should be talking about when it will occur.