Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pulmonary tuberculosis – an infectious disease caused by mycobacteria. The disease mainly affects the lungs. Add to your understanding with Amazon. Once found antituberculosis drugs, tuberculosis incidence sharply decreased. But it is worrying that since the late 1980’s risk of getting tb again increased steadily and now the disease is increasingly affecting people aged 25 to 45 years. Some modern forms of tuberculosis are not amenable to standard treatment, which greatly complicates the treatment and control of tuberculosis and again makes a pretty opasnoy.Tuberkulez disease is easily spread from droplets of mucus from the respiratory tract of an infected person.

Some forms of tuberculosis can be transmitted through milk sick cows, but such cases are very rare. The severity of primary infection depends on the overall health of the patient, the number and the degree of disease-specific forms of tubercle bacilli. When the infection enters the body’s immune system begins producing, antibodies that affect the tb bacteria, but the protective mechanisms of light enclose them in education, similar to a cyst. tb bacteria either die or remain dormant in these cysts. If the bacteria remain dormant, but alive, it can destroy the cyst, and later appear in large numbers, causing pneumonia and spread to other organs including the nervous system. Stress weakens the immune system, or malnutrition can cause repeated reactivation tuberculosis infection. This chronic active infection causes serious damage to the lungs, it can spread and damage other organs. Symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Primary tuberculosis (initial infection) are often not has no symptoms, while the infected does not look sick. Much later may appear as fever, weakness, sweating, decreased performance, loss of weight.

Traditional treatments pulmonary tuberculosis. For the detection of tuberculosis spend chest x-ray, as well as use the intradermal and epicutaneous tests. The most widespread breakdown of tb is the Mantoux test. Killed tuberculin bacteria are injected under the skin along the humerus. If the injection site 48-72 hours appears affected area over 10 mm in diameter, the reaction is considered positive and indicates the presence of infection. In the case of positive the reaction is carried out a more detailed investigation. Treatment begins with the fact that kill all the tb bacteria in the body by means of tb drugs, which are assigned to receive within 6-12 mesyatsev.Ne all Primary infection develops in a chronically active tuberculosis, but for those to whom it happened, tb can be deadly.