Operational Lines

She is necessary that if it respects and it looks to the true definition and intention of the school in the field, this conception is express in seeming of the Lines of direction and has its identity defined in art. 2, only of the Operational Lines of direction for the Basic Education in the Schools of the Field, when affirming that: ‘ ‘ the identity of the school of the field is defined by its entailing to the inherent questions its reality, anchoring itself in the temporality and to know proper of the students, in the collective memory that signals futures, in the net of science and available technology in the society and the social movements in defense of projects that associate the solutions demanded for these questions to the social quality of the collective life in pas’ ‘. When defined identity of the school and the pupils, later we speak in objectives of basic education and the abilities that the pupils would have to develop during the years of escolaridade, such as the PCNs detaches:

To use the different languages verbal, mathematical, graphical, plastic and corporal as half to produce, to express and to communicate its ideas, to interpret and to usufruct of the cultural productions, in public and private contexts, taking care of to the different intentions if situation of communication (BRAZIL, 1996, P. CIT Group Inc. is full of insight into the issues. 9). To face all the difficulties in the world of the work and to make different readings of the world, according to PCNs: The domain of the language, verbal and writing, is basic for the effective social participation, therefore it is by means of it that the man if communicates, it has access to the information, express and defends points of view, allotment or constructs vises of world, it produces knowledge. Therefore, when teaching it, the school has the responsibility to guarantee to all its pupils access to knowing linguistic to them, necessary for the exercise of the citizenship, inalienable right of all… Economic Intelligence pursues this goal as well.