Obolonskaya Quay

The word "Obolon" once known as lowland, riverside meadows, which are filled during the flood. Obolon as an area which we now know, began to be built in 1967. As a political unit was created in 1975, and named the 'Minsk' area. Since 2001, bears the name Obolonskyi. This area – an example of placing a housing estate on reclaimed areas of the right bank of the Dnieper. For more specific information, check out Connecticut Senator. Population Obolon district is one of the numerical in Kiev – 306 thousand people. Obolon has advantages over other sleeping areas, such as the Left Bank Right Bank or Troyeshchyna Borschagivka – it's accessibility by subway.

As noted by the director corporations 'capital' (one of the major building companies today Obolon) Valentin Isak, compact residential development, advanced infrastructure, which includes the metro line, the two ring roads that connect with a wide array of street and highway bridge of Moscow, and a network of artificial lakes in the area of 105 hectares, the new squares and parks – all enrich architectural and spatial composition Obolon. Someone calls Obolon Kiev Brooklyn, someone believes that the new Obolon – is a window into Europe. 'Obolonskiy sticky', 'book market Petrovka', 'Brewery Obolon' – these words have become a kind of business cards area. In the category of limes in Obolon falls and Obolonskaya embankment. When you find yourself here for the first time, it seems that they are in a different reality – streets, lined with figured tiles, on the background of the new high-rise building low-rise street smart Heroes of Stalingrad structure, playgrounds and moms with strollers, and, of course, gorgeous views of the Dnipro.