National Security

The government launched a military security policy for the discipline of the police. It led to the current conservative dictatorship, along with the practice of describing as “communists” to all popular movements aimed at transforming the social system, made possible the overthrow of the democratic governments of Venezuela and Peru in the beginning, and repressive measures antileftist. 9 10 But it would be very naive to describe America as a Nation “parasite” or “mutual” because, undoubtedly, this is a true predator. The only concern he had was with AL U.S. to maintain its hegemony in the area, use the resources Latinos, and keep away from communism.

11 Ecology (Biology) predation is a relationship that involves inter- hunting and death suffered by some individuals of some species (prey), by others that eat them called predators or predators. The same individual may be a predator and prey to other creatures. In the predation is a species that is the prey injured and another that is the recipient of which is the predator, from the energy in the sense prey to predator. Should be noted that both predators control the number of individuals composing the prey species, such as dams control the number of predators. 12 Their strategies evidenced this type of behavior. In the fight against leftist movements emerged the doctrine of “National Security” by Washington, this was to Destroy the internal enemy (communism), no matter if it was legal or illegal, the army had the obligation to use any method this struggle, ie to the U.S. did not care in any democracy, freedom or justice, but their own national interests.