Municipal Management

Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo Psychosis of the crisis in the municipal management shows loses it clearly of the reality of an administration when perceiving unemployment in mass in the city, passing for situations of prescription reduction with taxes, increase of the unemployment tax, greater looks for of the assistencialismo, growth of the violence and to the times, disequilibrium on actions practical to brighten up the question. Few are the cities that had studied public administration under moments of abnormalitys with great pressure of 0 variable: climate, economic crisis, epidemics and others. Many of the challenges of the public administration are related to the lack of resources for applicability. World-wide the economic crisis is not one marolinha, the resignations in mass of the EMBRAER, the city of They are Jose of the Fields, place the municipal public power in signal of alert. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. The unemployment of this company provokes effect cascade in all aeronautical productive chain of the region of the Valley of the So Paulo Paraba, being difficult to calculate the real number of excused employees, between the suppliers, third, coligados, partners and house servant who gave services to these excused. More difficult still it is to calculate the effect in the economy of the affected region. To establish the assistencialismo in hours as this in the municipal management, means to place the disposal social psychologists, assistants and orienting professionals, to give has supported the unemployeds and families of these, therefore, when losing the job, several suffer with emotional riots that can affect the familiar balance. The orientation is important at this moment, several of the unemployeds when receiving its repayments finish for if venturing in inconsequentes empreendedorismos, as example to open a bar or snack bar, without having any experience with commerce or studying marketing, finances and the system tributary, contributing that a solution turns in problem curtssimo stated period. For even more opinions, read materials from Connecticut Senator.

When placing all its economies in a new business, the enterprising future are descapitalizado and susceptvel to enter in debts, with reduction of the success edges. At moments of squeeze and lack of job in the market, the empreendedorismo can be faced as an alternative when the new candidate the entrepreneur already has studied for a good time the business that he desires as well as evaluated all the conjunctural alternatives of this business. The reality of this So Paulo city is not different of what it can happen in any part of the country, therefore, administration of a city requires the constant search of empregabilidade solutions, of logistic operational of attendance the supports technician, administrative and assistenciais, to brighten up social problems. All the possible efforts in the brainstorming to alliviate the impacts of the unemployment demand urgency. The attention at this moment for the city halls is of basic character, as well as necessary having greater persistence on the part of the unions offering alternative solutions to protect the job.