Minister Horacio Galeano Perrone

DEVELOPMENT (HETEPY) To demonstrate the series of assaults and degradation to which the “Technical MEC” (linked to bilingual education program built on the CME since 1999), submitted for free to the Guarani, analyze the text “Peich nanepyru – Charting a way, “published by the Ministry of Education (MEC). Unfortunately, the book bears the logo of the MEC and the phrase “The ministry of the people” that identified the administration of the Minister Horacio Galeano Perrone, under the government of President Fernando Lugo. The material-that surely must have cost a fortune (in his poor preparation and editing) – then it is clear that the Learning Module of Equalization and that “… this book is yours this year.

You have to care for it to be used by other boys or girls, leads to all sorts of atrocities, even unimagined, against the Guarani language. A sample below and lays out some cases: 1 .- In page. 5 says, “Pehoe eskuela aiguivevape” In this case, the new word invented by the MEC Guarani is eskuela Any Guarani speaker will say the same sentence as follows: “Pehoe mbo’ehao aiguivevape” School (eskuela) in Guarani is said mbo’ehao 2 .- In page. 5 below, says: “Pe-pe kuaderno Komplete penis” In this case, the new words invented by the MEC Guarani are kuaderno Any Komplete and Guarani-speaking the same sentence and say: “Pe myanyhe hangs kuatiahai eg” Full (Komplet) in Guarani is myanyhe says Binder (kuaderno) in Guarani is said kuatiahai.