Mediterranean Taste

And again, we all took home with them are clusters, which we liked, and as much as they could carry. Restriction was only one thing – take from the field on which he worked. And no it did not matter – the crop lacked everything. And now reimburse a culture as a radish. I always thought that the best radishes – is the one which he himself raised. No! Tastier state farm I did not eat: the truth again, right on the state farm field, because when I ate the same radishes in our canteen, it was already not at all, as long as radish collected in the three-ton trucks under the hot Mediterranean sun, dovezli and stored at the base, radishes lost two-thirds of its attractiveness and three-quarters of its taste. That's when at the box I realized the error of Soviet times – to gather herbs need not to big trucks, and small machines and stored in bulk on the bases, where the product quickly deteriorates.

This error is power, and the rest of the Soviet government was worried well and the good seed stock and the fertilizers, and mechanization of peasant labor, and herbicides, she decided not only to questions of delivery, storage-grown product and a decent wage peasants. That's really true, but not something that is still crying pseudo-reformers. We were on the state farm field overeat all so radishes that I wrote the following humorous quatrain: Send somehow we are in the farm work there with enthusiasm, but we ate radishes cart and suffered from constipation. Radish, this was grade "Rubin" and she could not withstand even a delicious variety of radishes as "Icicle." It was in those years of the early seventies of last century, I came up with a salad and who ate it either, all admired to gluttony. The principle of cooking, I'll tell you right now. One portion is taken: three medium-sized tomato varieties Kiev earlier or any other very juicy variety, three medium-sized meaty tomato varieties, such as Soviet, two medium sweet thick (meaty), bell peppers, salt to taste Sour cream or sunflower oil, too, to taste. All of this is cut, salted, watered cream or sunflower oil, and carefully .

Now the secrets: 1.Pomidory both species should be taken only well matured on the vine a little bit of dark red color. 2.Perets also must be very ripe when it is sweet. Color pepper dark-red, bright red or yellow, but in any case not green. Smell of pepper has a sweet, but not bitter or sharp. 3.YA tomatoes and peppers determined simply by the color and smell. If you are so you do it then you'll see the ability to identify and tomatoes, and peppers to the eye and smell. And your salad will always marvelous taste. Unfortunately the smell is impossible to explain, you will feel it yourself for 3-5 meals a day, if the first time will try to remember and pay no attention to the amazement and even ironic views others. Do your thing and it all pay off handsomely taste of your salad. I guarantee that those you ugostite they already ironically will not be watching, but instead will ask you to share the secret of its preparation. Now Enjoy your meal and watch not overeat. I myself know it will be difficult.