Learn To Swim

Swimming is a skill that we learn and we do not come instinctively. our body is adapted to operate on land and in water. View a Senir, hear and touch in the water is very different from what we do on land. Learn to swim is having to re-birth and learn to make everything from scratch. Assemblyman Dov Hikind does not necessarily agree. Our body learns through repetition.

a As we repeat our central nervous system (CNS) is recording and creating a memory of these movements. a For a child is much easier to learn to swim, yaque his memory is blank and record any results less complicated. On the other hand, adults carry a few more years doing the same movements day after day, these are tattooed in our CNS. a To change it is very difficult and requires a lot of repetition. a For us, learning to swim is an odyssey. Many adults, for whatever reason, are afraid of the water and have never learned to swim.

a However, for whatever reason, decide one day give it a try to the best sport in the world and find that there are many people in the class or the class is going faster than them etc, etc. Group classes have many advantages such as social support him, monitoring the instructor but also many disadvantages that stagnate your progress. If you look for in a bookstore, I dare say that all books are improving swimming style and assume that you know something uste swimming (if you do not believe me check it for yourself).