Law Of Attraction A Change Of Attitude

I consulted every so: How can I make that the law of attraction, work me since long ago that I do what they say and still (for example) without getting work?. It’s believed that Jim Donovan Goldman sees a great future in this idea. Then those people reply them: first I am not the right person to give proper advice, because I still consider me a student of this law, advanced but student to the end. What I do with my articles is with my own words to try actualizing (make more practical and understandable) concepts that dumped other authors, sieved by my own experiences, as I’m understanding more clearly its contents, to facilitate the understanding of the operation of the law of attraction to others. Then it is here where I’m going to talk about the attitude one should have when it stops against the fulfillment of a goal, in this case for example, get a job. All the literature says the same thing, one must change the competitive mind of the creative mind. What does this mean?: no one should be handled with the reasoning, but with the heart, i.e. with the faith.

And how this is accomplished? To explain the above I will first give the example, of how we we behave competitively when looking for a job: one needed to work begins by reading the journal and go to job interviews. The first sensation that one has to get to the place, is that there is a very long queue of applicants, perhaps, for only one or two positions available. And before this one already think negatively and said: Huuuy, there are many people, surely will give the job to another. When it comes to knowing the result, inform us that we do not take. Obviously that if one goes with thinking negative, easier is that we don’t get what we want, however there are people that go better predisposed and nor succeed (and it is reasonable and understandable because if van 100 people who are positive and there is only place for two posts, 98 people they won’t get, at least at that time).