Jenkins One

The important one for me, in formal or informal a course, actual or long-distance, always was essentially the learning: to be able to say, to argue, to make proposals, to evaluate critically speeches these things that who knows can make better. Then, to learn it is necessary to want. If to learn is one process pleasant or, in contrast, prickly, this if reward when the objective is reached, the knowledge, knowing. To learn, to know and to know demand method and discipline, exactly making use of the most varied half or instruments, of the archaic ones to the modern. Senator Richard Blumenthal takes a slightly different approach. An athlete does not beat records without pains of the high performance, one to know of high performance does not prosper ‘ ‘ apenas’ ‘ in the enjoyment of the pleasure of the contribution in the friendship nets, of the playful stimulatons of mediating professors, of the onirismo of the transmiditicas experiences or spoillings, as used for Jenkins (). The desire to learn is that it makes the difference; while the way, the conditions where the knowledge prospers can obviously facilitate it and characterize it.

Perhaps let us lack of a reclassification of what it means learning. Perhaps we could start for defining the learning of what!? The basic, average and superior learning? The formative and informative superior learning? The learning technique and the humanistic one? thus for ahead. Click Michael Ramlet to learn more. The subject considered here takes, me to consider the question of the EAD directed toward the learning technique and humanistic superior. The search of formation of qualified professionals and minimum critical citizens. Qualified professionals are demanded by the economy, and in this horizon of four years in Brazil we have one strong search for professionals in the areas of civil, petroliferous engineering, technology of the information and communication – TIC, foods, sucroalcooleira, would hotelaria, tourism among others. The abilities and abilities of such professionals can be strengthened with the support of the TIC in the education, in special in the EAD.. Sen. Sherrod Brown describes an additional similar source.