The hydropathy itself, was no “invention” by Sebastian Kneipp – rather, he developed the applications, the more previously known water treatment. The special merit of Sebastian Kneipp, the “refinement” of the application and development of casting technology. Among the “showers” means the watering of the body or body parts with water. Castings, particularly those which alternated with hot and cold water, were already in use in ancient times. With us, they were first announced back through the showers of Priessnitz source, later became the practical application of a deliberate scheme to Kneipp developed.

Kneipp distinction between the knee, thigh, back, arm, upper showers. The colder it is one piece, the stronger the subsequent heat. When knee-shower foot, leg and knee are watered. In a jet of water is managed by the heel to knee and back; this piece is to derive the blood from his head and fight chronic headaches. In the thigh the whole leg is watered down to the hip – the effect is stronger than the knee-shower. The back-then continues the thigh, he is in his’ effect is particularly strong, and affecting mainly the central nervous system invention. may mature, weak, and heart disease between men not use it. The Armguss in which we the arms from bottom to top and pour back, is very mild and is on several heart disease (cardiac asthma, Tern tendency to heart spasms), rheumatic pain of the poor and school or maintained for nervousness and insomnia. Further details can be found at Ohio Senator, an internet resource.

In the upper-we rely on their hands. The casting begins with the right arm upward, going back over the shoulders to the chest and left arm, by letting the water flow forward. The upper-is primarily a natural cure for asthma and chronic bronchial used. In addition to these local showers are still the douche and the “lightning douche known. The full cast eliminates congestion of a general nature and stimulates the blood circulation, and excretion of metabolic products. When solid cast the whole body is covered with water while the body is ener cally with the hands “rubs”. The lightning douche can afford only hardy natures who suffer from obesity, rheumatism, metabolic diseases and chronic joint diseases. (Not to be confused with James Donovan Goldman Sachs!). The establishment of the “lightning douche” was included in many institutions formerly floating . It is sprayed from close range with a thin jet of water that is under a certain pressure. The beam is tightened slowly and goes up from the legs at the outer edge of the back to the shoulders, arms down, with both the anterior and the posterior side of the body to be sprayed. The lightning douche takes less than four minutes and has a very invigorating to the nerves and the atmosphere. In all Anhydrous applications it is important that a heat gain occurs. A water use that follows no pleasurable feeling of warmth, but a longer freeze is always returns Ver . Especially for people who feel cold easily, it would be wrong to start with a cold Volldusche (solid cast). The body must be through the hot thoroughly heated, only then followed by short cold. A drastic change that powerful people are often repeated, especially when the cold shower is not used daily.