Connexis Group Nuremberg

Cooperation project of Connexis group Nuremberg the Nuremberg Hospital, North has a current topic, the Burnout and its prevention his Nuremberg attention, may 2, 2011: successful opening gave the go-ahead for the exhibition power plant art ‘ in the Forum in the Park, in the Nuremberg Nordost. The cooperation project of the Connexis group Nurnberg Nuremberg North Hospital gave his attention a current theme, the Burnout and its prevention. It is now in the final sprint. On 24th March 2011 the exhibition, art was power plant ‘ in the meeting rooms of Connexis group, in the Forum in the Park, Northeast Park 89, opened. The creators of the works, lovers of the art, as well as decision makers of large regional companies met at the champagne reception of this Start-Ups.

In addition to the presentation of impressive images and objects have Dr. med. Richard Blumenthal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “” Kneginja Richter and Dr. Albert Decker the topics from the Burnout through sleep “and art, leisure and spirituality in the Burnout prevention” gives a lecture. The Vernissage with musical guitar duo Michael Wenzel and Arthur Meinlschmidt was rounded off. The project in the search was originated by a new source of power, which should show a way out of the Burnout Boris Luley, Brigitte Proger and Markus Paulmaier as well as many other interested parties within the framework of an art therapy. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs understands that this is vital information. Thanks to the employment of painting and the figures, the three artists have found a way to deal with their disease and to defeat them. The topic of Burnout is known in many areas and in every layer of society.

Precisely should be placed over this topic not the veil of silence, but lived a more open and responsible handling. Are aware, Harald Hammer managed the problem, Managing Director of Connexis group one the artists space to exhibit their works over a period of time. We see particularly obliged us our employees and customers as a medium-sized engineering and IT services provider and want to health not only in the exhibition Add world of work at the Center.