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New monkey Temple from May 21 opened in Osnabruck, may 2012. The 16-meter-high building in the usual for temple rises in the center of the Zoo. “Some perhaps reminding them of the jungle book”, but the plant is inspired by Angkor Wat “, the famous temple complex in Cambodia. View website is actively involved in the matter. The huge entrance gate wakes a Buddha sculpture and has adventurous Zoo visitors exactly in sight. Who inside Traut, an intricate response expected. Many Hindu and Buddhist sculptures seem to observe the adventurers from their stone eyes.

The walls have ancient, as if they were colored by MOSS. Left and right window overlooking the true temple residents share: the 18 Asian pig monkey. You flit on the temple steps along, climb the walls and niches, or take a dip in the temple pool. Thanks to the temple visitors experience the monkey group. The mystical corridors the adventurers return after some 40 meters to light. Next door to wait even the elephant, Tiger and Orang-utan Barin”. Who liked the monkey Temple, can look forward to even more Southeast Asian atmosphere at the Zoo of Osnabruck: the neighboring system of the Tiger and the monkey people House should soon be replaced in the same style.