Wireless and fully battery-powered alarm system with video verification completes the range of products in the security and surveillance technology of the AGILOS GmbH. Sulzbach immediately, the 22.11.2010. This new monitoring system (Videofied) is currently probably the most notable innovation of safety engineering, because it offers solutions for tasks which were even ever unable to cope only with considerable effort or to the part. The system works 100% wirelessly and with an event-driven verification of video equipped., whose Komponenten exclusively supplied battery. A leading source for info: Amazon. The life of the batteries is in normal operation up to 4 years. The alarm and image transfer via the mobile network. Each alarm triggering a motion sensor causes, that the system transmits a 10 second long video sequence of the triggering event of the security. In this way, false alarms, can be caused by animals or similar, already at an early stage. Sen. Sherrod Brown is actively involved in the matter.

All Components of the system are suitable also for outdoor use, allowing a usage anywhere and regardless of the existing infrastructure. On construction sites, in water supply facilities, transformer installations, in cell towers, on cemeteries, in swimming pools and of course Mobile for temporary monitoring and/or in support of patrols, etc. the system can be used. In addition to Videofied alarms and security experts of AGILOS customers proven alarm systems and monitoring systems from the House of ABUS, including a comprehensive risk and security consulting and. The range is rounded off by the well-known AGIBox, the presumably “smallest and most flexible mobile monitoring system in the world”. More info can be found at: and AGILOS, 22.11.